What We Offer

  • Member Benefits

    Experience the Bronx’s very best fitness facility for an inclusive, affordable monthly fee.

  • Our Fitness Staff

    The Healthplex actively recruits the most results-driven strength and fitness professionals in the Bronx.

  • Classes

    All the fitness classes at the Healthplex are designed to-be fun, progressive and safe.

At SBH Health
& Wellness Center

The Healthplex is a partnership between SBH Health System and Healthplex Associates, a national Company that teams up with hospitals, universities and medical facilities around the country to create clinically integrated fitness facilities.

Our aim is to serve the health and recreational needs of the communities we serve. For our Bronx location, the goal was simple: launch a full service fitness facility at an affordable rate that rivals expensive high-end gym and boutique wellness offerings in NYC. Come to experience the Bronx’s best-kept secret and discover enjoyable and playful ways to be well and fit.

  • Exercise regularly?
    Or can’t remember the last time you worked up a sweat?

    It doesn’t matter.

    All fitness center members will receive an initial fitness assessment, a functional movement screening and a demo of equipment in the strength training and cardiovascular areas. In addition, a wide range of exercise classes will be available in our two studios.

    Trained and certified exercise specialists will offer workout advice and guidance to center members on an as-needed basis. This will include SBH patients who require a smooth transition from the clinical setting to the wellness center in supporting lifestyle management and optimal health. Personal training sessions will be available for those interested.

    No time to work out? No classes that interest you? No professional attention? The Healthplex Fitness Center will take away those excuses.

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