About Us



About the fitness center


Healthplex Fitness Center is a partnership between SBH and Healthplex Associates, a national company that teams up with hospitals, universities and medical facilities around the country to create clinically integrated fitness facilities.  All Healthplex managed fitness centers follow The Exercise is Medicine initiative, which views physical activity as a standard part of medical treatment and the patient care process as a means of preventive medicine.


Our Mission


The Bronx perennially ranks in 62nd and last place among counties in New York State when it comes to health outcomes.  That’s why our mission at the Healthplex Fitness Center at the SBH Health and Wellness Center calls for enhancing the future of a community that struggles with one of the nation’s highest rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and malnutrition.  It’s about keeping people out of the hospital, enhancing the quality of life for area residents and lowering the cost of healthcare.

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